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  • Rebuild on most single cylinder heads
  • Rebuild on most twin cylinder heads
  • Complete rebuild 8, 12 or 16 valves
  • Install cams, lifters and rockers
  • Typhoon complete heads
  • Set valve lash
  • Valve refacing
  • Seat refacing
  • Valve guide installation
  • Gasoline engine pressure/vacuum testing
  • Diesel�engine pressure/vacuum testing
  • Gasoline engine head resurface
  • Diesel engine head resurface
  • Degrease head (no glass bead)
  • Gasoline head hot tank & clean (glass bead)
  • Diesel head hot tank & clean (glass bead)


  • Most Gasoline Engine Rebore and Final Wash
  • Most gasoline engine deglaze hone cylinders
  • Rebore 1 single cylinder
  • Most Gasoline Engine Rebore with torque plate
  • Diesel Engines Rebore with Final Wash
  • Triton V8, V10, GM 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L Rebore with Final Wash
  • Hone cylinders
  • Decking
  • Hot tankï Gasoline Blocks
  • Hot tank Diesel Block
  • Align hone
  • Align hone with customer supplied ARP studs
  • Mag Block
  • Replace cam bearings and frost plugs
  • Final Wash
  • Cam bearing installation
  • Frost plug installation
  • Clearance block stroker
  • Mock Assembly
  • Balance engine
  • Assemble (gas) short block (no tin)
  • Assemble (gas) short block (with tin)
  • Assemble (gas) long block (no tin)
  • Assemble (gas) long block (with tin)


  • Most Gasoline Engine Regrind
  • Most Light Duty Diesel Engine Regrind
  • Industrial "hourly" (approx. 3hrs)
  • Crankshaft Polish
  • Crank Kit
  • Crank Cores


  • R&R Gasoline Engine rods
  • R&R Diesel Engine rods
  • Rod resizing (4-8)
  • Rod resizing
  • Gasoline Engine pin bushing installation
  • Diesel Engine pin bushing installation
  • File fit rings


  • Automotive flywheel machining
  • Automotive stepped fly wheel
  • Truck/Diesel flywheel machining
  • Dual mass flywheel machining
  • Exhaust manifold machining
  • Intake manifold cleaning
  • Most Automotive Heli-coil (spark plug repair)
  • Triton Heli-coil (spark plug repair)
  • Most Truck Heli-coil (spark plug repair)

All machining has 6% shop supplies.